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Installing InReports Designer


With InReports Designer you can design and edit InReports. The professional edition offers the possibility of saving your InReports to an InReports database, your personal cloud storage.

  • Design InReports
  • Save your InReports to file
  • Connect to various data sources, such as a SQL server, or an Excel file
  • Format controls with style sheets
  • Create charts and embed images

Professional edition

Compare different editions.

design inreports


InReports Designer can run on almost any computer that has the .NET Framework 2.0 or later installed. These requirements are here more for reference. If you don't match the requirements, you can download the install file and test if you like. InReports Viewer does not cost anything.

  • .NET Framework 2.0 or later
  • 500MHz Processor or better
  • 256MB RAM or more


InReports Viewer is included in InReports Designer, but you can download InReports Viewer to view your InReports on different computers.

With InReports Professional you also get the InReports generator service, a service that distributes InReports based on a time. Another important feature is the hosting of your InReports, which can be compared to a local cloud based repository. You can compare different editions to decide what suits you the best.


Download installer for InReports Designer

A dialog should appear with the question Do you want to run or save this file?. Click Run to install InReports Designer. A security warning may appear saying that the publisher could not be verified. Click Run to continue with the install process.

Download installer for database

Download the database installer to install the InReports database to your existing SQL server. The installation executable has been tested with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Step 1


First an introduction is shown. Click Next to proceed.

Step 2

Approve License Agreement

You need to approve of the license agreement before proceeding. You should read the text before proceeding with the installation.

Step 3

Choose a license

If you have purchased InReports you already have an activation code available if you login. If you haven't got a license, you can select Lite and click Next to proceed. You will then have to enter your details to proceed.

Step 4

Enter activation code

When you arrive at this dialog you can enter your activation code. You should have an activation code if you've purchased InReports Designer, or if you've aquired a license via the account page.

Your activation codes can be found at your license page when you are logged in.

Step 5

Specify the application installation folder

In this dialog you should choose your installation folder where the application should reside on your computer. Enter the location in the text field under Folder:, or click Browse... to select a folder from a dialog. When you have selected a folder, click Next.

Step 6


The installation process states that it is ready to install. Unless you want to make some changes, go ahead and click Next to install the application in the folder specified in the previous step.

Step 7


A dialog with a progress bar is displayed to let you know that the installer is working. This can take up to several minutes, so please be patient.

Step 8


The final dialog is shown and InReports Designer is installed on your computer.

Your installation should now be complete and you should find the application under your start menu in the menu called InReports.