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InReports – Desktop

InReports Viewer


The free application to view all your InReports, from both the Lite and Professional version of InReports Designer.



Lite Edition


The lite version of InReports contains functionality for working with InReports on your local computer.


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Professional Edition


With the professional version you have extended capabilities of working with InReports in your database.

399,0 €
(incl. 79,8 VAT)

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InReports Designer

With InReports Designer you can create reports. Later you can view them from InReports Viewer or send them to people using the InReports Generator service. Go to the description page for InReports Designer for more information and a walkthrough of the installation process.

InReports Viewer

Note that InReports Viewer is already included if you've downloaded the InReports Designer software. View the description page for InReports Viewer for more details or a walkthrough of how to install the software.

InReports generator service

The InReports generator service is the service that performs the tasks set up by the management web site. To install this you should read the walkthrough to install InReports Generator Service for details of how to configure your web service and database.

InReports – Smartphones

If you have a Windows Phone or an Android device, then get your professional InReports on your mobile device! Check out what you can do, or download the application below.

Scan this QR code with your smartphone to be redirected to the marketplace for your phone and the InReports Viewer application.
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Windows phone

Get InReports for Windows phone.


Get InReports for Android.

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