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Create and get up to date reports when you need them using InReports

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The InReports suite – simplifying reports

Design a report


Design and generate reports to present data from any database with OLE DB support. Save your reports on your database or hard drive.

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Pick your content


Embed high quality images, graphical indicators and graphs to present your data visually. InReports supports scripting and the use of subreports.

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Distribute it


Get your reports on time. With the InReports generator service you can get your InReports sent to you based on a schedule. On the end of every month, or every day, it's up to you when you want it!

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Choose a view


Generate reports in real time or export to PDF, Excel and other formats. Access your reports through Reports Viewer, on your website or in your smartphone.

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How does it work

When viewing an InReport the data is fetched there and then from the database of your choice. Using up to date information means you don't have to wait to see what's going on, it's there when you need it.

InReports allows you to fully take advantage of your existing information database. Organizing and presenting a continuous flow of information to departments, employees and co-workers has never been easier.

The built in scripting support allows you to take the reports to the next level, making the dynamical and always up to date every time a report is generated.

InReports also makes it easy to distribute reports. You can embed your reports on your website or access them through your smartphone.

Have a look at our example reports or check out the other great features of InReports.